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Termite Exterminator

Springfield Termite Exterminator

Properties owners must understand the signs of a termite infestation in a building because these insects are extremely destructive. Look for these signs of termites at your home or business:
• Sagging floors
• Discarded termite wings
• Small piles of sawdust inside a building
• Sounds in the walls from numerous termites
• Tiny holes in a building
• Termite shelter tubes
• Tunnels in a building’s wood

When you suspect that you have a termite infestation on the inside or outside of a building, contact a knowledgeable pest control expert immediately. Termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a building’s cellulose materials, including the wooden frame, hardwood floors and drywall. If a building has serious structural damage, then it requires repair to make it safe to live or work in.

Contact a Professional Exterminator To Eliminate Destructive Termites

An exterminator understands how to complete a thorough inspection to determine where termites are lurking so that he can create a remediation plan. An exterminator will inspect a building beginning at its lower level. Termites often seek areas where there is a lot of moisture, so if you have a moist building foundation or humid basement, then this is where termites will typically live.

Schedule Termite Inspection and Control Today
After finding termites, the pest-control expert can begin the extermination process using fumigation, liquid soil treatment or bait station methods. In addition, it is essential to remove the debris from the termite’s nests to eliminate pheromones that will attract new termites. To learn more about termite inspection and control, contact us at Springfield Pest Control Pros at 417-356-4553.