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Mice Control & Removal

Springfield Mice Control

You don’t need to have mice in your home or business because there are knowledgeable exterminators in Springfield, Mo. Pest control companies offer routine and emergency service calls at commercial or residential properties when a property owner has a rodent problem. Mice will enter a clean building to look for food or a breeding location during cold or hot temperatures and when there is a flood in the area.

Experiencing Problems With Mice?

There are several mice species in Missouri that might invade your business or home, including:
• Black mouse
• Deer mouse
• House mouse
• Field mouse
• Harvest mouse

Mice urinate or leave droppings on all surfaces, and these rodents are typically active at night. You may not notice an infestation of mice until there is a large population that is competing for food. Mice travel along walls, so you can look for droppings or urine trails along a building’s baseboards. If your home or business has tiny crevices or holes, then look for tufts of hair where the rodents enter. Remember that a mouse can squeeze through a tiny space, so make sure to fill these crevices and holes with liquid caulking.

Call a Professional Exterminator Today – We service Springfield MO
If you try to poison mice with store-bought bait traps, then you will have dead and smelly carcasses inside a building’s walls or attic. Call an exterminator who can find where the mice are living so that he can place humane wire traps in a variety of locations. To schedule mice control and extermination, call Springfield Pest Control Pros at 417-356-4553.