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Ant Control Springfield MO

Springfield Ant Control

If your pest problem is getting out of hand or you want to prevent an invasion, the team from Springfield Pest Control Pros can be at your service. Our proven pest control methods can keep nagging critters out of your home or business once and for all. We know how to find all the spots where pests like to hide and will target these areas to eradicate the problems. Trying to solve your pest problems on your own can be dangerous, and you might have more difficulty doing a thorough job. Fortunately for you, Springfield Pest Control Pros can offer you great service at an even better rate.

Pests are more than just a nuisance. They can damage the structure of your building along with your wiring and insulation. Furthermore, pests leave droppings and are known to carry germs and diseases that are harmful to both humans and household pets.

Our professionals are familiar with a wide range of pests and use the proper methods to target each particular critter. We also take preventative measures that are specific to each type of pest. Many customers call us to deal with pests such as:
• Ants
• Bees
• Wasps
• Bed bugs
• Termites
• Rodents

Springfield Pest Control Pros goes the extra mile to give each customer the best pest control service. It’s no wonder why so many people count on us to solve their pest problems and make their premises safer for everyone. Contact us now at (417) 356-4553 to learn more about our company and schedule service.

Eliminate Invasive Ants

If you live in Springfield, Mo., then you may have an infestation of ants in a commercial or residential property. There are several stinging ant species in the area, and it is possible to have a severe response to the insects’ venom. Here are the different species of ants found in our region of the state:

• Pavement ant
• Acrobat ant
• Red imported fire ant
• Odorous house ant
• Carpenter ant
• Sugar ant

In addition to inflicting painful bites or stings, some ant species are highly destructive, causing damage to a building’s wood materials. Other ant species will try to invade a kitchen to ingest foodstuffs.

Request Professional Extermination

You might think that spraying a store-bought insect spray is an effective way to eliminate ants from your property, but it will only destroy a few insects. The ants that survive will become more resistant to pesticides, and the next generations of ants are more difficult to eliminate. However, when you contact a professional exterminator, he will inspect your business or home to determine what type of ants are infesting your property. After understanding the ants’ species, he will select the appropriate bait traps to place near the insects’ living areas.

Call Springfield Pest Control Pros

When ants crawl through a bait trap, the chemicals stick to the insects’ bodies, and the substance is carried back to the ant colony to eliminate other adult ants and young. Some bait traps will make it impossible for the ants to breed properly, helping to reduce the population of insects on your property. For more information about ant control, contact Springfield Pest Control Pros today at 417-356-4553.