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About Us

Imagine a cool, rainy spring evening and you’re looking forward to snuggling up to your loved one and watching a marathon of your favorite sitcom. Just as you’re about to reach over for a slice of pizza you feel the urge to itch. Initially you may write it off as a a vagrant blemish, or maybe the tickle from a rogue blanket thread.

Before you know it you’re covered in itchy, red welts and are at a loss of how to proceed. The culprit could be a bedbug, just one of many worrisome pests that think your home was made just for them. The extermination services of Springfield Pest Control Pros can stomp out a small infestation before it grows unruly, as well as tackle monolithic pest problems that may be affecting your entire home.

While some pests like ants are annoying yet relatively harmless, other pests such as rodents and roaches can be a serious health risk to your family. Infectious diseases can be carried by some pests, and their droppings and other bodily secretions can contaminate food with bacteria, cause allergic reactions and trigger health abnormalities like asthma.

Bed bugs are also an especially troublesome nuisance because they are quite difficult to eradicate with home remedies. While they don’t carry disease, their bites can be quite irritable and tenacious. The psychological effects of a bed bug infestation can also be extremely draining, which is why it’s best to treat the problem as soon as possible so that it can be contained.

If you suspect a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to call Springfield Pest Control Pros at (417)356-4553 for a consultation. You don’t have to live with the dirge of bugs.